I'm a European photographer that landed in North America in 2015 after stays in Sweden, Germany or South America.

I have been developing my work around portraits and events. I enjoy the vibrant energy the USA and Canada can offer but would travel to any destination.

My focus is on lifetime photography (street portraits, dogs, and major events). I look forward to getting to know you better as a chance to learn and capture some of your stories. I love meeting new people, shooting in the streets and sharing good moments while capturing the souls on a digital support.

I travelled to 50 countries and 4 continents and express myself in 5 language. I usually ask thousand of questions and try my best to make one or two jokes.

I hope you enjoy my portfolio, message me for further details.


Magna Kreation


Email:             magna.kreation@gmail.com

Instagram:      #magnakreation

Phone:            +1 816 876 7372

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